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Nuwakot Palace: A Historical Site to Visit

During my trip to Nuwakot on June, I visited Nuwakot Palace for the first time. Nuwakot Palace is a place I had long wanted to see.  
The historical Nuwakot Palace (Nuwakot Durbar) area is located at 76 km far north-west of Kathmandu and 7 km away from district headquarter Bidur. This Durbar is one of the historic with ancient wood carvings and sculptures that aged back to seventeenth century were fabulous piece of artifact. Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked the place during the process of unification on 2 October 1744, and have victory over the Palace.

The Saat Tale Durbar (Seven storey palace) located at Durbar Complex was built by Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1762 AD and still it is regarded as a model of architecture. Besides Saat Tale Darbar there were famous Rani Mahal, Taleju Temple and Bhairavi temple at the side.

 The devastating earthquake occurred on April and May 2015 badly damaged this area.  The museum has been closed since then although the area is open to visit. The reconstruction work is going on. But, there is a need to speed up reconstruction work. Let's hope the reconstruction of this historical site will be completed soon.


Have you ever been to Nuwakot Palace? If No, make a plan for it.

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